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Construct Preschool Lavatory/Shower

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In October, 2016, Uno Mas Ministries invited a mission team from St. Louis, Missouri to Nicaragua to head up the construction of a lavatory/shower at a preschool in Pantenal. With the assistance of a few local Nicaraguans, the team was able to complete the project that now serves as the primary lavatory and shower to children attending the preschool and a Pastor and his family that reside in the attached residence.

If you are in Granada and would like to join us for an English Language worship service, you are invited to Granada Christian Fellowship every Sunday Morning at 10:30 A.M. - Noon. We meet at the El Maltese Hotel towards the lake at the end of the Calzada. 

English Church Service

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English Classes

In October, 2016, Uno Mas Ministries was invited to partner with Rev. Guillermo Jose Zuniga Gavarrete of Iglesia Luterana S.N. and provide a two day vacation bible school program for the local children.  The children had a ball learning about Christ, participating in arts & crafts projects and being introduced to a few English children's songs.

Completed November, 

Informational Meetings Following Joy Community Church worship services on:

Saturday, May 20th - 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 21st - 10:45 a.m.

Pastor Jeff Thackston, Director of Uno Mas Ministries, is in need of a mission team to help construct a building at Iglesia Luterana church in Pantenal.  Through God’s grace and the dedication of Pastor Jeff and Reverend Guillermo, Iglesia Luterana is rapidly expanding and in need of a dedicated space to launch a new children’s ministry program as well as to accommodate students for Pastor Jeff’s English classes.

Every Thursday we partner with other missionaries to visit the jail in Granada. If you would like to join us at the jail, contact me using the Get Involved page and we can arrange a meeting.

Not in Granada but you would like to support the Jail Ministry, donate to our Spanish Language Bibles fund which will allow us to provide bibles to the incarcerated men and women. The local cost is approx. $7/each.  Click here and add "Uno Mas - Jail Bibles" in the memo.