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I fell for this kid the first day I met him at the preschool. We will call him "Angel". He is so smart...he is so funny .... he really is a young leader in waiting. Even at 6 years old. He lives with his grandmother. She works. He has a younger brother who tags along to school even though he is too young to be there. Sebastian goes home everyday to an empty house. He cleans, feeds his brother, and does his homework. He then puts his brother to bed and his grandma comes home around 8. That's 6 days a week. Remember he is only SIX YEARS OLD!

I know God is working on his young life. He asks me questions that some adults don't think about. Then he breaks my heart by asking me to come home with him. I tell him I can't without his grandmother there...he fights off a tear ands says "entiendo" or "I understand", even though I don't see how he can. God is working. This is why we are here. 

Our Misson

While Nicaragua is ostensibly a Christian nation, the transformative power of the Gospel has been suffocated by the same secular form of Christianity we see in the United States. Many know the name of Jesus and have perhaps had a relationship at one time with a church, the life-changing aspects of Christ love is rarely in evidence.

Granada, Nicaragua has a great amount of economic diversity within its city. The tourism industry reigns supreme and there are many opportunities for employment and income within that industry. However, the disparity in income levels between individuals who speak English or have computer skills can be as much as 400%. That can mean the difference between feeding a family or not.

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  • English classes
  • Jail Ministry
  • Feeding program
  • Discipleship training
  • English church service

The Lives We Impact

Because needs are so great and so diverse in Nicaragua, Uno Mas Ministries focuses on building relationships  and providing training programs that will increase employability.  Those include:

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